[coding] How to make Eclipse behave when working on code managed by SVN

So, heute mal auf Englisch:

Eclipse can really screw up your locally checked-out SVN copy. The problem is, that it copies the “.svn” directories from the source folders (where they belong) to the output folder next to the compiled classes (where they should not be). The result is disastrous: you can neither commit nor update any more – and even the cleanup fails.

To avoid this, make sure to make the following build path settings for each of the projects: open the build path properties on the source page and add the following exclusion pattern to every source folder: **/?svn/**

This is Ant syntax for any path below each svn folder anywhere in the source path. Now your output folders will remain clean, since Eclipse will ignore and not copy them when creating your build folder.

PS: Ja, ich weiß, es ist schlechter Stil Deutsch und English in einem Blog zu mischen. Allerdings ist diese Lösung so universell und so schlecht er-google-bar, dass ich meine, ich müsse die Lösung dem erreichbaren Wissen der Menschheit hinzufügen. Und mit Englisch erreicht man eben mehr Menschen.