A really stupid bug in Windows Vista

Erde an Redmond: Bitte fixen:

There is a nasty bug in Windows Vista. After accessing a file on a CD and removing the CD (after cleanly ejecting it via Windows Explorer), some hours later, when I wanted to start NetWeaver Developer Studio (NWDS, an extended version of Eclipse), I got the error message "Windows-No Disk, Exception processing message 0xc0000013 parameters ...". It was extremely sticky and re-appeard no matter on which button I clicked. The solution (after some serious googling) was to put a CD in the drive. This is just one example of the benefits you get from using the great new operating system from Microsoft. My recommendation: stick to XP for another two years, until Vista has emerged as stable.


[coding] Cooles Tool zum Testen von Web-Services

Heute mal wieder ein engischer Programmierungs-Produktivitäts-Post

If you ever develop an application that exposes web services (in the W3C sense of the word), at some point you will need to test the functionality. I recommend soapUI (http://www.soapui.org/) for this. The tool can generate random SOAP requests based on any imported WSDL file. You can change and save the requests and submit them any time and get the SOAP response displayed in a nice and clean way.
I use it for development of Java 5 EE on SAP Netweaver and I prefer soapUI over the built-in, web-based testing tool "NetWeaver WS Navigator".

Viel Spaß damit!


Mechanischer Packesel

Ein Kollege von mir hat das hier gefunden:

Boston Dynamics: The Leader in Lifelike Human Simulation

Technologisch ein ziemlicher Durchbruch. Allerdings kann man sich ganz schön gruseln, wenn man dem mechanischen Packesel zuschaut. Er ahmt die Bewegungen eines Hundes ziemlich genau nach. Einen Schalldämpfer hätten sie dem Benzinmotor allerdings noch spendieren können.